Welcome to Kwinana Tigers Hockey Club

The Kwinana Tigers Hockey Club is a vibrant, family-centered sports organization dedicated to fostering a supportive and inclusive community. The club prides itself on its core values of teamwork, inclusivity, growth, encouragement, and respect. These principles are at the heart of every activity and event, ensuring that members of all ages and skill levels feel welcome and motivated to develop both their hockey skills and personal character.

Our Values

  1. Teamwork:
    Emphasising the importance of working together, the Kwinana Tigers Hockey Club promotes a collaborative environment where every player, coach, and supporter contributes to the success and enjoyment of the team.
  2. Inclusivity:
    The club is committed to being a welcoming space for everyone, regardless of background or ability. Inclusivity is key to building a diverse and rich community where everyone has the opportunity to participate and thrive.
  3. Growth:
    Personal and athletic development are central to the club’s mission. Through structured training programs, mentorship, and competitive play, members are encouraged to continually improve and reach their full potential.
  4. Encouragement:
    Positive reinforcement and support are fundamental to the club’s ethos. Players and members are encouraged to pursue their goals and celebrate their achievements, fostering a positive and motivating atmosphere.
  5. Respect:
    Mutual respect is a cornerstone of the club’s culture. Whether on the field, in the clubhouse, or in the community, respect for teammates, opponents, officials, and oneself is paramount.

Programs and Activities

The Kwinana Tigers Hockey Club offers a variety of programs and activities designed to cater to all ages and skill levels:

  • Junior Programs: Focused on introducing young players to the sport from the age of 4, emphasising fun and basic skills development.
  • Senior Teams: Competitive teams that participate in local leagues, offering opportunities for advanced skill development and competitive play.
  • Training Sessions: Regularly scheduled practices that focus on both individual skill enhancement and team strategy.
  • Community Events: Social gatherings, fundraisers, and community service projects that help strengthen bonds among members and give back to the local community.


Respect: It’s Your Call



Proud Winners of the 2023 SportWest Heathways Healthy Club Award


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